Self Checkout is Great, See How Our New Tech Makes it Flawless!

The Current Times

In the current status of the world, the grocery retail industry has been thriving, with the average increase of sales being 26.9% across the board. Although this is great news for the grocery retail industry, there is a popular saying that goes, “more money, more problems”. So as sales may increase for businesses across this sector, so will their shrink rate, extended queues at tills, staffing needs, etc.

Better Self Checkout

We at Edgify aim to reduce the money loss that many grocery businesses face year after year, intentional or not, by integrating our Edgify framework into your business. This has proved to deliver 99.98% accuracy with fresh produce scanned at the till. Which is unlike the standard self-checkout machines that operate within the 55–65% efficiency mark which leads to loss of money thus increasing your shrink rate. Here’s a quick video of our edge framework demonstrating our 99.98% accurate AI software in motion.

The Consumer Angle

Can consumers really be expected to tell the difference between different types of tomatoes?

For Covid Times and Beyond

Less friction, less time at checkout, less confusion with produce selection
Edgify Retail Page
Ikemba Nlewedim

A foundational shift in the world of AI training. Deep Learning and Machine Learning training directly on edge devices.

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